About Us

Our Mission

Get life saving drugs to the market sooner and at a lower cost

Our Approach

We want to use great technology to solve the problem of inefficient drug trials. That means reengineering the way trials are done, eliminate redundant processes (source data verification) and add technology to solve speed up others (data cleaning and monitoring). We will use advanced technologies (AI/ML) to clear the bottlenecks and move the drug through the trial process faster. The end result is faster trial, lower costs and happy stakeholders. Of course, the final beneficiaries of all this effort will be patients, they will get much needed drugs faster and at lower costs


We are a mission driven company. Founders are from pharmaceutical, healthcare and technology backgrounds. We have experienced the inefficiencies in drug development first hand. Data collection on paper/EMR records, storage in siloed servers, delayed analytics that keeps stakeholders in the dark for months at a time. All these inefficiencies add costs and time to a drug trial.

With iClinical, we have taken the first principles approach to conduct a drug trial. Elaborate acronyms served their purpose in the past, but now they complicate and obfuscate the process. We have built a data platform that is completely mobile, uses latest technologies in mobile, cloud, AI/ML and NLP.

We are headquartered in San Francisco CA, with presence in Edison NJ and Bangalore, India. You can reach me at at sridhar@iclinical.co for customer, partnerships and investor queries. For all other general queries please email us at info@iclinical.co