• Get drugs to market faster
  • Stop non-working trials sooner
  • Trial cost reduction of up to 30%

Minerva - Our automated
digital assistant to help sites/patients

  • Retrieve trial related information with voice commands.
  • NLP/AI tech used to parse through all your trial documents to provide on-demand information.
  • Provide proactive trial information to keep the sites and patients informed and engaged in clinical trials
  • Educate and inform physicians on how your product works with a real-time chat-bot

Trial Feed - eSource data collection on a study app

  • Data collection at source in front of the subject on a study app
  • Administer e-consent for the trial
  • Collect photographs, video and audio at the source
  • Patient reported outcomes captured at source
  • Complete audit trail and query functionality built into the app.
  • All trial data gets stored in a central secure cloud server.

Trial Predict - Predictive analytics on tablets

  • Predictive outcomes for clinical trials. Define precise outcomes for the trials and monitor them in real time. With learnings from previous trials and other supporting metrics, we can predict trial outcomes sooner.
  • Get operational/clinical metrics in real-time on the study tablet. With real time projected outcomes, stop non-working drug trials sooner and get drugs to market faster.

Trial Automaton - AI/ML to Automate clinical trials

  • Automated data cleaning with ML model; data discrepancies and inconsistencies will be monitored with a ML model and automated queries will be sent out to the trial site.
  • Precision monitoring; rather than looking at random sites for monitoring, we can precisely identify the sites and data points that need monitoring.

iClinical mobile/cloud data platform

  • Run your entire clinical trial on our mobile/cloud data platform; eSource data collection is on a trial app, secure storage in cloud server and real-time predictive analytics is again fed back to the tablet.
  • A secure data platform that is fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA guidelines.
  • Ideal for Phase 1, Phase 4, observational, exploratory and country specific clinical trials.

Pricing: Pay only for what you use


There is a one time setup fee to configure our product for the trial protocol and an ongoing software as a service fee for the duration of the trial.

There are no up-front software licensing costs.

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