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iClinical Data Platform

iClinical provides AI enabled real-time analytics for clinical trials. Data collection happens on mobile apps at trial sites. Secure storage is in cloud servers and real time analytics will again be on study tablets.

Additional revenue - With cleaner data, drug gets to the market faster

Reduced costs - Drastically reduced data cleaning and monitoring costs

Stop non-working drug trials sooner - Increase your drug pipeline

Quick trial start-up:
We can get the trial started quickly with a protocol customized app that is ready for use at the trial site. Trial data is collected during the subject visit at the trial site (eSource). Patient reported outcomes, IoT/medical device data, photos, video and audio can all be captured at the source. A separate patient app is used to capture AE/Medication data between site visits.

Vertically integrated, end to end, out of the box solution:
iClinical is a fully integrated, seamless mobile/cloud data platform from trial start to closure. A fully secure data platform with complete end to end data encryption and secure HIPAA compliant cloud storage. Our solution is fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines; this includes secure log-ins, complete audit trail and investigator signatures at the end of the trial.

Machine learning to issue auto-queries:
Machine learning algorithms will be used to issue auto queries; this should reduce the manpower needed to clean the trial data while at the same time generating clean trial data faster. Discrepant data, including logical errors (start date is after stop date), out of range values and illogical scenarios (AE does not have corresponding Med (or class of medications) will be caught at the source and resolved in real-time. Auto-queries would also be generated for discrepancies in AE/Medication coding. For truly manual queries, the monitor or sponsor can issue them right from the tablet app and get resolution from the site in real-time.

Real-time analytics on the tablet with zero programming :
Real-time analytics in the trial app means zero programming after the trial setup. AI enabled analytics shows the sponsor the trajectory of the trial, the trial end points and outcomes. With real time calibration of trial variables (enrollment, sites, monitoring etc), changes can be made to trial operations to achieve faster optimal outcomes.

Remote risk based monitoring drastically reduces costs:
Remote risk based monitoring would optimize the site visits and enable fewer monitors to work on larger number of studies. eSource data collection would further drastically reduce the number of on-site monitoring visits. Monitoring metrics would be determined based on machine learning models. For example, it would suggest sites that need frequent monitoring and provides real-time monitoring guidance (checking lab reports etc). Real-time collaboration allows faster resolution of trial issues.

Cutting edge future-proof technology:
Our future proof technology platform is ready for remote and adaptive trials. For trials that are not working, AI enabled analytics can unearth new paths in real-time, making adaptive trials feasible. With a mobile/cloud data platform, iClinical is perfect for remote clinical trials.


iClinical is a software as a service solution. Pay only for what you use. For more information contact us at sales@iclinical.co

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